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Tenerife holidays couple all year round fantastic weather with an incredible choice of activities. The largest Canary Isle has been a holiday hotspot for decades now, but what exactly is it that attracts millions of holidaymakers each year to Tenerife’s stunning shores? It could be the quintessentially Canarian ambiance, the welcoming locals, the tantalizing cuisine or the vast stretches of postcard-perfect coastline. So this is a superb choice of holiday destination and we’re taking bookings for breaks in 2019 and 2020 right now.
Whatever your reason for choosing this beautiful island for your next holiday, only one thing’s for sure – you’ll wish you’d booked one of our cheap Tenerife holidays sooner. Here at Holiday Gems, we’re experts in Tenerife. You’ll find a wealth of useful information on this page, so that you can book a holiday to remember forever, safe in the knowledge that you’ve chosen the right destination for your getaway.
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For a relatively small island, Majorca packs a lot in. Famous for its picturesque coastline and impressive beaches, the island, also known as Mallorca, is one of the most loved in the Balearics. Its popularity is no doubt down to its sheer variety – its beautiful cities, serene countryside, wellness centres, activities, incredible food and drink and, of course, great weather.
Majorca holidays are always a great option for very cheap holidays abroad, particularly with families, but there are many other ways to holiday on this beautiful island.


Located off the coast of Turkey where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet is the Greek island of Rhodes. The island is steeped in history and culture and offers something for young and old alike making Rhodes holidays popular with a variety of visitors, many of whom return year after year. Most visitors are attracted to Rhodes by its warm weather, especially between May and October when temperature are consistently above 20 degrees Celsius and in July and August can typically reach 40 degrees Celsius. Combine this warm climate with over 136 miles of stunning beaches lapped by crystal waters and you can see why Rhodes holidays are so popular among sun worshippers. Though for many visitors it is the charm beyond the beaches that give Rhodes holidays such character.
It is the diversity of Rhodes that makes it so special, with medieval ruins, pretty white washed villages and exquisite walled towns never far from modern beach resorts offering all the latest amenities and facilities. Rhodes is the perfect destinations for families; resorts like Kalithea offer family friendly facilities and a wonderful beach with a relaxed atmosphere.  For water sports enthusiast’s resorts like Ixia are perfect for wind surfing and jet skiing. For couples looking for a more relaxed vibe then quiet sleepy fishing villages with beautifully lit harbours don the island and set a romantic scene in which to enjoy an evening meal. For a real taste of the history of Rhodes then stay in Lindos and be enchanted by the ancient monuments and historic village. On the other end of the spectrum, for those looking for a livelier Rhodes holiday then Faliraki is the perfect resort with pubs, bars and clubs catering for those looking to party.
The combination of fantastic summer weather, wonderful beaches and villages and resorts that suit such a variety of holidaymakers mean it is easy to see why holidays to Rhodes are so popular. Book the perfect 2019 and 2020 holiday with us today.


Offering something for everyone it is easy to see why Greece holidays are so popular with so many visitors each year. Mainland Greece and its array of Greek islands set in the Mediterranean offer a spectrum of holiday destinations and holiday types. One of the main attractions for holidaymakers to Greece is the warm weather. From May to October is the most popular time for Greece holidays, with temperatures rarely dipping below 20 degrees Celsius during this period, in fact in July and August temperatures regularly reach up to 40 degrees Celsius, this opportunity to top up tans and enjoy the sunshine is many visitors primary reason to choose Greece as their holiday destination.
It is not just the glorious weather that attracts visitors to Greece; the country is steeped in history and culture. No matter where about in Greece you decide to holiday you will never be far away from a site of ancient significance. From the Acropolis in Athens, to the Palace at Knossos on the island of Crete to the Askeplion on Kos each area of Greece has its own sites dedicated to the rich history of the country. For those interested in history Greece holidays really capture the imagination.
Away from the ancient ruins, historic monasteries, old towns and classic architecture Greece also boasts some excellent beaches and modern beach resorts. There is an array of resorts across the Greek islands each offering a different atmosphere, some are excellent for water sports for example Dassia on Corfu or Kardamena in Kos. Some offer excellent facilities and entertainment with beaches perfect for families including Kolymbia in Rhodes and Sissi in Crete. Many younger people on Greece holidays are looking for a lively nightlife and Greece offers come of the most famous party hotspots in Europe, Kavos (Corfu), Malia (Crete) and Faliraki (Rhodes) are among the most popular resorts with the party crowd. Away from the bustling beach resorts there are an a variety of quieter resorts and fishing villages with picturesque harbours, good restaurants and a more laid back, Mediterranean atmosphere perfect for those looking to spend their holiday relaxing.
The real charm of Greece holidays is the diverse range of holidays available. From those on party holidays dedicated to bustling nightlife to those looking for family holidays on child friendly beaches with good entertainment to those looking for relaxing holidays in quiet traditional fishing villages or smaller beach resorts. Whatever type of holiday you want Greece’s beautiful beaches, picturesque views, welcoming people, great food and wonderful weather will guarantee a great holiday is had by all. Cheap holidays to Greece are available with our Recommended Comparison website Holiday Gems, so book online today!


Spain has long been the most popular destination for UK holidaymakers looking for cheap holidays and it’s a trend that shows no signs of abating. Offering such a variety of attractions it is easy to see why Spain holidays continue to attract so many visitors. With a relaxed pace of life, friendly and welcoming local people, long hours of sunshine, fantastic beaches, wonderful cuisine and a rich history and culture there is no better place to enjoy a holiday.
As one of the largest countries in Europe it is unsurprising that Spain offers a wide variety of holidays. The beaches of Spain are one of its main attractions. The beaches of Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca, Costa Dorada and Costa Brava being particularly popular with British holidaymakers. However Spanish holidays are not all about the beaches.
Many visitors on holidays to Spain enjoy the spectacular scenery both natural and historical. Walking and cycling holidays to Spain are popular as they give visitors a chance to see the beauty of the country and delve deeper into the long and rich history of the country.
Spanish cuisine is also another attraction of holidays to Spain. Being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea has the extra bonus of fresh seafood so it is no surprise that the national dish of Spain is Paella. With fresh fish, fresh breads, olive oil, cured meats among other popular delicacies and many regional specialties depending on where in Spain you are visiting it is easy to see why Spanish cuisine is often such a large part of Spain holidays. Away from the food Spain boasts some wonderful vineyard regions meaning wine quality is excellent and quantity is plentiful, Rioja is particularly popular as is the wine based drink of Sangria, which can be a refreshing drink on a sunny Spanish day. It is not only the food and drink but the experience and ambience of eating in Spain that make it so appealing to holidaymakers, there really is nothing like picking at tapas in the sunshine while on holiday. Book very cheap holidays to Spain for the perfect holiday today!


The beautiful island of Malta welcomes visitors to experience a relaxing and idyllic holiday amidst this glorious paradisiacal island. Offering more than just a sun-drenched holiday, Malta is steeped in history spanning over 7,000 years and influenced by greats of society. Warm honey coloured buildings create a truly unique atmosphere and are draped by some of the most fantastic coastlines and rolling hills. Warm and crystal clear waters lap the fine golden sand creating a backdrop for romance, tranquillity, peace and a sense of timelessness. It is no wonder that many couples, families, groups and solo travelers enjoy holidays to Malta so much that they return year after year.
Set in the midst of the Mediterranean, Malta offers you the perfect holiday with a wealth of activity if you can draw yourself away from the magnificent beaches. Setting the scene for an unforgettable holiday and providing the perfect ingredients in which to sit back and relax, Malta will satiate and over indulge your senses. Mythical legends and a rich history of inhabitants make this wonderful island a haven for those who like a little more than just a gorgeous sun soaked beach. Influences from Greek, Romans, Arabians and Phoenicians offer a culture so diverse, you will be hard pushed to realise it all, in just one stay.
With the North African Coast to one side and Italy to the other, Malta holidays offer you excellent year round sunshine characterised with beautiful beaches, stunning flat terrain and a landscape dotted with quaint harbours, creeks and rocky coves. The world is your oyster here in Malta and to experience it all, you will have to keep coming back. Cobbled streets and ancient villages flavour the breath taking scenery. Strolling through these ancient parts provides a wonderful break from the active nightlife or lazy days topping up your tan. You will find culture and traditions drench these villages and allow you to experience the true Maltese way.
Besides the wonderful age-old history, Malta also boasts itself as having superb shopping facilities to tempt even the most experienced of shoppers. International designer labels, Italian Shoes, local crafts and jewellery are just some of the many goods you can purchase. Particular resorts specialise in different appeals so there is no excuse not to pick up a meaningful souvenir of your Malta holiday.
Steeped in history and culture and boasting warm weather, picturesque villages and wonderful beaches it is easy to see why Malta holidays are so popular. Search now for Malta flights and hotels to find the best very cheap holiday deals on Malta holidays in 2019 and 2020 with Holidays Gems


Situated on the southwest tip of Portugal the Algarve attracts nearly seven million visitors each year. The year round warm weather, fantastic beaches, great seafood, friendly local people and wonderful facilities mean Algarve holidays grow in popularity each year. The most popular months for visitors to enjoy Algarve holidays are between June and September when the summer sun means temperatures are usually between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. However cheap holidays to Algarve attract visitors all year round as its proximity to Africa means that even in winter the climate stays mild with temperatures rarely dipping below 16 degrees Celsius.
Algarve holidays are usually centred round the wonderful beaches. Spend hours topping up your tan on the beach or by the pool, relax with a good book and a cocktail or try one of the many water sports available. In the evening enjoy a few drinks and your choice of international cuisine or seafood at one of the many quality beachfront or marina restaurants.
It’s not only the warm weather and beaches that attract visitors on Algarve holidays. The Algarve boasts some wonderful golf courses and is very popular with golf enthusiasts. The area also has some great entertainment for children including a number of large-scale water parks to keep younger members of the family entertained. There are also resorts that offer a great selection of pubs; bars and clubs are popular with partygoers and young groups of revellers. Whether it is a lively party holiday, a few days playing golf or a relaxing family beach break, the Algarve really is the perfect destination for family holidays. So search now and check out our exclusive deals on Algarve holidays in 2019 and 2020.


Ibiza may famously be the clubbing capital of the world but it isn’t just for the 18-30 crowd. Ibiza holidays have more to offer than just cocktails and sunsets, such as stunning beaches, quaint villages, and family friendly resorts. It’s absolutely fair to say that this is a holiday destination with a little bit of something for everyone.
Those who do want immerse themselves in the world class, unrivalled quality of nightlife and world class DJs will prefer the party orientated resorts of Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio. The stunning beaches make for great places to recover from the night before and plan the night ahead at the local super clubs, such as Ushuaia and Space. The free public beaches make for cheap entertainment on holiday, while you keep your cash for splashing in the island’s clubs and bars.
The Northern towns of Porinatx and Puerto de San Miguel offer a quieter experience and are perfect for family holidays to ibiza. Porinatx is especially family friendly and a great choice for a holiday with children. The resort of Puerto de San Miguel is popular with watersports enthusiasts as well as being where you’ll find some of the best restaurants on the island.
To make the most of their holidays to Ibiza, clubbers, couples and families alike should make the time to visit Ibiza Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the island. Along with the site, no holiday here is complete without visiting the craft markets of Santa Eulalia resort either, so brush on those bartering skills.
Looking for all inclusive in Ibiza? A short self-catering stay? A half board hotel, maybe? We’ve got you covered. Take a look using our Recommended Holiday Comparison search and you will find the holiday that’s right for you.


Turkey is famous for its position as the gateway to Asia from Europe. It is where East meets West and, over the years, numerous groups have left their influence, including Persians, Phrygians, Christians and Lycians. Turkey is a melting pot of Mediterranean, Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, making it a unique holiday destination with a rich and deeply-rooted history and culture. With the vibrant capital city of Istanbul, quaint villages, ancient ruins and idyllic destinations on the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts, Turkey is full of hidden gems.
As you navigate its complex terrain, take a cue from the Turkish people who are always friendly and delighted to share their magical treasure trove. Holidays to Turkey are perfect for those who seek a culturally enlightening experience. The country is teeming with archaeological sites, historic landmarks, cultural institutions, traditional customs, and of course, natural beauty. From the ruins of ancient citadels and vibrant cosmopolitan cities, to remote churches and Islamic monuments, to bustling bazaars and serene beach resorts, to deliciously cheap street food and exceptional fine dining, Turkey holidays are filled with endless opportunities and amazement.
If an exciting and enriching trip If that sounds like your cup of çay (Turkish tea), prepare to drink it all in! While Istanbul draws in tourists for its multifaceted culture and history, the beautiful beaches are just as enchanting. Turkey’s coastline boasts pristine beaches, breathtaking views and the warm, teal waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. The southwestern coast, known as Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, is home to many popular resorts where travellers can relax in the lap of luxury while experiencing all of Turkey’s classic delights. Farther east along the Black Sea coast, you’ll find archeological sites and other hidden gems.
The verdant mountains, unspoilt beaches and quaint villages all provide for a beautiful and serene experience. Whether you are after a culture-kick, a fun-filled family holiday or a couples retreat in paradise, cheap holidays to Turkey have it all! Search our incredible deals to book the perfect holiday to Turkey in 2019 and 2020 today.


Lanzarote holidays are the perfect choice for those sun seekers who want to indulge in warmer weather whatever the time of year. This once active volcanic island – with its cratered landscape resembling that of the moon and quaint, whitewashed villages – appears to be something out of a dream. Of Spain’s 12 Canary Islands, Lanzarote is located the farthest east, just off the coast of Africa. Known for its perfect temperatures and scenic views, it is the idyllic destination for a beach holiday.
Lanzarote holidays have been a favourite of travelers for years. The deeply-hued red mountains, glimmering turquoise waters and warm black, gold and white sand beaches paint the picture-perfect setting for an unforgettable experience. With the dazzling views, the laid back atmosphere and enchanting culture, it’s apparent why this island is so mesmerising.
Whether you are traveling alone, with friends, as part of a couples retreat, or on a family holiday, the island’s diverse geography offers a range of activities and entertainment that cater to everyone’s tastes. From exploring the perfectly-preserved towns and majestic caves, to sunbathing along the extensive coastline and diving into the rich coral reef, you are guaranteed to have a relaxing and fun-filled trip. For the best cheap holidays 2020/2019 to Lanzarote, use our search plan to book your Lanzarote getaway today.


With dazzling blue seas, sandy gold beaches, lush green mountains, it’s not hard to see why Cyprus was the birthplace of Aphrodite. For centuries, the sheer beauty of this island has enticed all types of travellers ranging from Greeks and Egyptians to Persians and Ottomans. Today, it’s the island’s scenic landscapes, warm climate, complex history, rich culture and luxury resorts, that keep visitors returning time after time. Whether it’s for a fun-filled family holiday to Cyprus or a romantic couple’s getaway, Cyprus holidays offer plenty of excitement and relaxation for everyone.
Despite the many travellers to the area throughout time, the island still feels unspoilt. From the rugged mountains and ancient cities to the vast vineyards and majestic seas, there are plenty of secrets to reveal and hidden gems to unearth.
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Sitting in the Mediterranean Sea between the coast of North Africa and Greece, Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands and its geographical location means it has wonderful warm weather from May to October making it a popular destination for visitors looking for beach holidays. Crete offers a wonderful fusion of ancient history and culture with modern resorts and amenities meaning Crete holidays appeal to a wide spectrum of visitors.
Surrounded by the warm waters of the Mediterranean, Crete is the perfect holiday destination. Soft golden beaches line secluded bays all around the island’s coast while the mountain range inland offers a spectacular backdrop to the golden sands of the coast. However Crete holidays are not just about relaxing under the sun on wonderful beaches, Crete boasts a rich history with Romans, Minoans and Venetians among those who have left their mark on the island. The architecture is a blend of the old and the new with medieval castles sitting alongside modern ports and beach resorts.
Crete holidays have something to offer for everyone, if you are looking for a family holiday with good facilities, water sports and entertainment but still a feeling of traditional Greek culture then a resort like Gouves could offer the perfect place for your Crete holiday. For those looking for a quieter resort then Sissi with its picturesque harbour, narrow streets and traditional Greek tavernas offers a more relaxing break in Crete. For those looking for a lively party scene on their holiday to Crete then Malia is the perfect resort, with plenty of water sports and day time activities, a fabulous beach and a strip of lively bars, pubs and clubs Malia offers the best nightlife on Crete.
Holidays to Crete offer something for everyone, with resorts appealing to those looking for family holidays, couples looking for romantic holidays, those looking to simply relax in the Mediterranean sun or those looking for a party holiday, this Greek island ticks every box. Book the perfect holiday in 2019 and 2020 today.


Holidays to the Costa del Sol region of Southern Spain continue to appeal to tourists all year round offering warm weather, gorgeous glittering sandy beaches, shimmering blue waters of the Med and a unique diversity to its villages and towns. Boasting high-class rich and famous playgrounds, authentic white washed villages and modern lively towns, the Costa del Sol is a haven for all. Sun lovers, history buffs and even the most discerning travellers take delight in all that this Spanish region has to offer. With strong fishing roots still practised today and a wealth of architecture to admire, you are certain of a fantastic and diverse holiday.
Costa Del Sol holidays are immensely popular and highly entertaining. Costa del Sol boasts resorts such as Malaga, a high active, high impact, family holiday, Marbella a wealthy luxurious resort and Benalmadena a richly historic and picturesque old town. The choices of holiday are fantastic, offering great nightlife, excellent cuisine and a real cultural flavour. Spend lazy days on wonderful beaches, meander through narrow whitewashed streets or go backpacking through the mountainous regions. In fact the Costa del Sol has so much to delight, many people choose to retire or move here for that ever-continuous ‘good life’. Laid back yet fun, energetic yet serene, Spain has a wealth of attractions for all ages.
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Year-round sunshine, luxurious beaches and a magnitude of fun-filled activities are just some examples of what you can expect on a brilliant holiday to Gran Canaria. The third largest island in the Canaries has long been famed for its vast and expansive landscapes, rich culture, stellar accommodation and its welcoming atmosphere.
Gran Canaria holidays tick all the boxes, with so much to see and do. Likewise, there’s also plenty of opportunity to simply sit back and take it easy on one of the island’s many picture-perfect beaches, which make up a quarter of Gran Canaria’s 147-mile coastline.
There’s something here for everyone in Gran Canaria, from thrill-seeking water sports to fun-filled amusement parks. It’s a great destination for family holidays, couples breaks and holidaying with friends, so if a stay on one of the Canary Island’s most beautiful retreats appeals to you, choose Gran Canaria for your 2020/2019 holiday.
Gran Canaria really is the ultimate destination for your Canaries break. Action and adventure awaits you on this spectacular island, with vast natural landscapes and fun-filled pursuits.
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Holidays to Gran Canaria are the experience of a lifetime.

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